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I provide narration, music, and sound production services for audiobooks, audio dramas, and podcasts.


I become the characters, can create the locations using music, sounds and effects, and record and deliver the finished product ready for streaming, CD, or broadcast. 

specialize in suspending disbelief, engaging your audience, and creating connections between your fans, your characters, and you.


My name is George Napier.

  • I am a happy dad, narrator / voice over artist, and part-time composer. 

  • I have created, programmed, and directed interactive media content for private, non-profit, and government clients for over 20 years. 

  • I am fortunate to have worked with an amazing group of diverse and talented creatives and can call on them for larger projects if needed.​
  • Examples of my work are below. I hope you find them entertaining!

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